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Personalised Memory Story Books

These AMAZING books capture the memories of a lifetime and presented as a unique, personalised keepsake to share with family and friends for years to come !

A meaningful memory book tells the life story of you and the people that matter most to you. I will work alongside you gathering up the memories that capture your unique bond and collate them all in a personalised book to share and treasure for years to come and pass down through the generations.

I create these books in a 'This is your life' format beginning with your loved one's parents ... after all, that where their journey really began ! 























The list is just endless but, the more personal details and photos you are able to gather,

the more special it makes the gift for your loved one!

Truly an AMAZING keepsake ... just think how their memories will be passed on down the generations and children can learn all about what Granny did at school and the adventures Grandpa got up to in the Army !


Memories ...

So, from birth until the present day using personal photos and information to produce a unique memorable story of their life. I can write you a suggestion/idea list of all the milestones and events we experience through life, such as: 

Birth, first home, Christening, first birthday/tooth, steps ... the list goes on!

Playschool, Primary, Secondary, College and University

Grandparents, siblings and relatives

Family holidays and special occasions

Homes and pets

Careers and jobs and achievements


Engagement and Wedding

Their children and grand/great grandchildren


I am up for a challenge so, if you have an idea of something special, personalised

and unique, please do get in touch with me as I would LOVE to help!


+44 (0)780 742 1432              

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