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Upcycled Togs 4 Tots

simple little dress


I am very passsionate about making the most of what we have and, when it comes to replacing something, why not 'Upcycle' and give it a new lease of life instead of filling up our landfill sites !

I began by making dresses for the charity 'Little Dresses for Africa' by upcycling some much loved children's duvet covers.

It is lovely to be able to contribute something to give these little girls something special of their own. and make them feel loved by showing that we care !

All little garments are made to order depending on the materials I have at the time


   3-5yrs       6-8yrs     10-12yrs   

and be either Male/ Female or Neutral

Dresses & Aprons can be made in sizes

3-5yrs, 6-8yrs & 10-12yrs.

Dresses from £10.00 - £15.00 (incl. p&p)   &    Aprons from £8.00 - £12.00 (incl. p&p)

I am up for a challenge so, if you have an idea of something special, personalised

and unique, please do get in touch with me as I would LOVE to help!


+44 (0)780 742 1432              

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