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Special Occasion Personalised Cards

Opening a celebratory card/book

There are so many opportunities where we can 'Keep in Touch' by sending a
handmade personalised card to show how much you care !
Sending an individual personalised card no matter what the occasion, it communicates that you have taken the time to make the occasion truly exceptional and shows just how much you want to make the recipient feel special.

The main reason we celebrate is to honour an important occasion and
share that special moment with the people we love.

Special occasions bring people together as we  celebrate with friends, colleagues,
and our loved ones. It can make us forget the troubles and stress of life
and allows us to take a break, be happy and enjoy the moment.
Personalised cards show thoughtfulness, care, and the personal connection
you share with the recipient !

Throughout the year we celebrate many such occasions ...

New Year, Easter, Christmas
Valentines Day, Mothering Sunday, Father's Day 
All Saints Days - St. David's, St. Patrick's, St. George's, St. Andrew's
   and, of course St. Nicholas !


Writing Letters


 ..... and then there are so many personal

achievements and events we all share

and make memories ...

New Baby / Home / Job / Car / Pet

1st Day at Playschool / School ? Uni


Christening / Confirmation





Good Luck Interview / Driving Test / Exams

Sorry ...

Thinking of You

Get Well Soon / Feeling Better

Baby Shower


    these are just a few suggestions but I am

always up for a challenge and would love to

create anything you would like !

I am up for a challenge so, if you have an idea of something special, personalised

and unique, please do get in touch with me as I would LOVE to help!


+44 (0)780 742 1432              

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